A gripping drama involving a woman pilloried in the tabloid press and by senior police officers after she is accused of parading her young daughter online for paedophiles.

The play opens with Debbie “this repulsive woman” being interviewed for a pre-sentence report by probation officer Tony. Details of the case emerge that raise questions about how the case has been handled by the police, social services and the whole criminal justice system.

The second act moves to a meeting between Debbie’s social worker, who has become a focus of anger about the case, and a colleague. More details of the background are revealed, with more questions raised about the motives and actions of all those involved.

The first two acts were performed as separate, but linked plays, on BBC Radio 4 and by HADS at the Woking and Spelthorne drama festivals, gathering an armful of awards.

The playwight Christopher Reason has written a third act in the drama especially for HADS and all three are a full-length play. The third act is also a dualogue – this time between the senior social worker and the Chief Superintendent who has been lauded over the arrest and trial of Debbie. The powerful and gripping ending brings together many of the strands from the rest of the story, leading to a shocking climax.