A laugh-a-minute, gentle comedy about relationships, written by the multi-award-winning playwright Peter Quilter, is coming to the stage in Woking.

The play is in four parts, each featuring a man and a woman at different stages of a romantic relationship, or at least the possibility of one.

‘Blind Date’ features Jonathan and Wendy, who are hoping to get it right this time even though they’ve never got it right before.

‘Secretarial Skills’ revolves around Barrie, the boss who does not seem really interested in women, and his PA, Janet, who sees that as no reason to stop trying to get closer to him.

‘The Holiday’ Bobby and Shelley are a couple who are going through a divorce, but have decided to go ahead with a break in Spain they have already paid for.  The couple kock back the cocktails, which tends to let loose their true feelings and thoughts about each other.

‘The Bride To Be’ the domineering Toby is helping his sister Angela to prepare for her third wedding, with their interaction revealing much about their relationship and the bride-to-be’s thoughts about the big day.